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  • Hanna Tannenbaum, Psy.D.

    Psychological Associate

    I’m Dr. Hanna, a dedicated therapist based in San Diego, with a profound passion for supporting young adults navigating the challenges of life transitions and identity development. My expertise extends to aiding adults grappling with trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship complexities, and attachment styles, including couples seeking relational support. I believe life is a patchwork of intricate experiences, often laden with complexity and moments that can feel overwhelming.

    In the journey of life, I view therapy as a sanctuary—a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can unravel these intricacies, comprehend the profound effects of their experiences, and nurture a sense of self-compassion as they progress toward the person they are meant to be.

    My therapeutic approach integrates both psychodynamic and behavioral perspectives, acknowledging the unique nature of each individual.In my therapeutic practice, I initiate the process by helping clients gain insight into their unconscious processes and conflicts through a psychodynamic lens. This initial step sets the foundation for greater self-awareness, fostering a space for exploration, understanding, and personal growth. Throughout each session, I embody principles of non-judgment, compassion, and empathy, creating an environment where clients feel comfortable providing feedback and actively collaborating in the therapeutic process.

    My holistic approach addresses the entirety of an individual—physically, emotionally, and mentally. By considering the whole person, I aim to cultivate a profound understanding of self, facilitating healing and personal growth. While focusing on the present moment, I also adopt a long-term perspective, emphasizing preventative measures to sustain overall health and mitigate potential future challenges. My commitment lies not only in addressing immediate concerns but also in promoting enduring well-being for those under my care. I am a Registered Psychological Associate supervised by Dr. Erinn Tozer, PSY 18698 and Dr. Jennifer Piper PSY 28988. Contact me today to begin your journey to wellness!